Main Weapon


Job Tree

Slicer Slayer -> ???

Blade Slayer -> ???

Monster Slayer -> ???

"My blade is used for slaying monsters like you"


It was common to know that the blades are a basic weapon to hold among the humans as its one of the very few weapons ever made in their time. From a wooden practice sword to a blade thats strongest on one side, the humans has thought that the progress of weaponry is gonna get better in the future. Time has passed and the humans have not ever shown their swords for war as they have all agreed that the only thing needed was peace and freedom, that is until the monsters has rose.

The humans has lost their swordsmanship and forgot how to hold a blade rendering them defenseless against them. When the Animan rose, still not knowing of the power they hold, they held the blades and charged for the enemies, showing only a greedy enjoyment for blood and death in some of their eyes. After the battle, all of the blades disappeared but will only appear on the Animan's will to summon it back. That is when the slayer was born and the start of the power they were given upon.


Unlockable ConditionsEdit

The Slayer is already unlocked at the start.