Main Weapon


Job Tree

Trigger Sirius -> ???

Shooting Sirius -> ???

Bang Sirius -> ???

With the stars at sight brings the revolvers to use. Knowing what dies and what deserves to live, Sirius shows mercy to only when the stars tells them to. Many fear the twin revolvers at hand not knowing when they can shoot, but no worries as its only the stars that signals their targets and foes.


The text among the books regarding the stars has told that there is one and only one that would fall down to one of the shattered worlds to help the cause of attaining the peace among the people. No human knew what it meant but was frightened to know what may hold in the future for them. Astrologists studied and watched the star formations hoping to find the one that is told in the legend. No luck made during the humans time until the evolution of the Animans and the sudden division among their worlds.

Without notice, a star fell to ... and broke into two. One Animan has seen its crash and hurried over to know what it could be. There lies a twin guns that is steaming hot due to the atmospheric crash. Wondering what it really is for the Animan has no knowledge of such a thing, he asked a human to identify it more and was surprised to know that such a legend has come true. Bestowing the twin guns known as the revolvers, The Animan is ready to fight the horde of monsters from a distance longer than any other weapon known.


Unlockable ConditionsEdit