Scattered lands and worlds have spread and the Animan has faced the monsters head-on with their wits and guts. The Animans have been fighting for their lives for the peace to be attained but it is yet still too far to reach. In the vast space rift between several worlds appear an odd paw shaped world that contains some kind of training facility, bases, camps and portals without the lacrima for transportation. Many were in awe and shock to see something happen just right there but what was not expected was that a few special chosen Animans were transported into this world without warning or notice.

Each one of the Animans possess a certain attribute and power that is unique to one another which is needed to transport the chosens back to once they came from. Unfortunetly, the Animans have to face each other with 5 Animans on both sides including minions and fight for the freedom they were once trying to achieve. No matter how much they die in the world, they resurrect back to their base and continue to fight on unless the main base has been destroyed and they force themselves to not fight any longer.

When a war between the two sides ended, another few selected Animans will take their turn and get what they patiently waited for. The last team that lost is sent back to base and are hoping to have a second chance to fight again. The fate of their worlds is at rest but now the fate of their lives is at stake. Another chaos has started but the bloodshed continues still on...