500 years have passed since the rise of the Animans and the world was at peace a little with only a few monsters roaming around on every area it manifests on. Both humans and animan have worked together to strive for a better world for the younger generations to come by creating schools and cities with the creativity they can come up with.

One of the results was the creation of a new world which specializes in a surroundings of schools and a small town for the very convenience the students can get. A school called Kuroteko High keeps students whose grades are exemptionally high and each one shows a proper behavior for any visitors and teachers to see. This resulted in the free alterations of the school uniform in however the students desire with very few limitations to how it should be. In the school has a special club called SINS (Students of Infinite Naturalized Specialty) which only keeps very special members and may only keep one type of student as the club desires.

As time passed another cycle of war has started after centuries of peace was obtained but this time it befalls at Kuroteko High and the SINS club. During the creation of the world Kuroteko reisde in, a fragment of the once destroyed evil that caused the divided worlds merged itself secretly during its creation and apparently resides right under the club. Its power leaked after years of waiting and spread across the grounds of the school in disguise as a fog and affected only every member of SINS. Every member has fainted on their place and were all brought to the clinic and hospital. This caused so much panic on the school and has affected the reputation of it as well. However all of them has returned to normal after a few days of rest and continued their normal lives.

Secondly, the news reported that new worlds has been created out of nowhere and is manifested by new and unusual monsters and holds strong dark energy inside its core. Those who went inside never came back alive and nobody dares to go in again but the monsters inside shows no aggression to enter other areas other than where they reside. After some time the world has disappeared but then one of the students has disappeared as well. Not much info was held on this student and they say he was in a long coma  which no one knows how it was caused but the only info remaining is that he was a member of SINS. A theory made by a certain person in the school says that "if the new world is created then its possible one of the members may faint with its pressence however it is possible that if the world disappears then the member may fall into eternal coma". Is there a meaning to his coma and does it relate to the new worlds created...?