Peace has been attained at last nad the dark forces has fled from the wrolds but the different dimension and worlds are still scattered and the people still cry for that just a few monsters roam the lands. The humans at least can now fend the monsters and defend their lands without the help of the Animan. Nowadays, after a huge discovery and testing, the humans can now use the lacrimas and has started to make huge uses for the exciting new worlds unfolding to them.

One Animan, a wandering wolf named Kon was going through world to world to see the lands and people he may encounter. He has encountered many Animans and humans but he seems to show some interest to the Animans more. He held a party with some of the Animans he met and mingled with each other and ate till dawn. Hoping to meet them again, depending on who he mingled the most, he made plans everyday just to meet them again.

Kon loves friends to the extent of being close friends. Trying to increase the bonds between him and others, he struggles the obstacles he has to face and finally takes the opportunity right away. Will his dream of feeling special to someone come true?