The world was once populated by only humans and monsters and the world was just the same as now. One day when the humans have been treating the animals badly, countless natural calamities happened. The sky darkened, the seas raged, and the rainfell stronger than ever. The gods have noticed the tortures the humans were doing and used their powers to transform the animals into animans, half animal - half man. The animans were furious and tortured back the humans much worse than how they were treated before. After some years of torture, a peace treaty was made by the humans and animans and the world was in peace again.

Animans are very much different from the humans as they all look different depending of their race. All kinds of animals have turned into humans like dogs, cats, rats, pigs, horse even some extinct animals have came to life like dragons. Animans eat almost the same things as the humans does but the food source has been changed due to the animals all changed into animans and animal based foods are now quite rare. The food source has now been changed to monster based foods which is risky for many humans who have been terrified of them ever since. The animans however have never feared the monsters and hunted them down making them a higher rank than the humans.